1. Website Brief


We can design and tailor a website for your business from scratch however, no one knows your business better than you  do. For that reason we always suggest that you have an idea of what the website should look like:


  • How many pages are required?
  • What content needs to be included?
  • Is the website friendly, professional, serious?
  • Are there any websites you would like to emulate?


The more clear you can be, the better the result. After all, our aim is to design a website that truly reflects your business.


2. Purchase Domain Name and Hosting (we can guide you through the process)


3. Management Options


If you do not intend to update your website ever again, this option is void. We can take away the burden of having you go back and forth to update your website by managing your website for you.


It would be as simple as dropping us an email or giving us a call to say what you need changing and we make the change for you. Ensuring your website is kept up to date, online and active. Be sure to mention if you require this option.

1. Brief Assessment & Consultation: We break down your brief , offer creative advice and draw a draft layout design that meets your criteria.


2. Website Design: We begin the design your website. Typical turn around of 10-14 days and you will be updated at every stage of the process.


3. Review & Upload: You review the completed  website, adjust if needed then we get the website Live on the internet once your are 100% satisfied.

There are a few terms you should be aware of before starting your website. Before a website can be launched you need to have the following;


1. Domain Name


This is your chosen website address (i.e. www.mysalon.co.uk). This can be purchased via various providers such as GoDaddy. 123-Reg. Generally speaking, to purchase a domain is relatively inexpensive averaging around £10-£30 yearly.  assuming it is not a very common web address as those can be far more expensive. These domains can be purchased for a year, 2 years, 5 years and so on.


2. Host


Once you have your domain you need to be able to have your website 'Online'. In order to do that, your website needs to be uploaded to a web host (where your website is stored) on a 'Server'. The server is what enables your website to go online and go live to the wider world and have it connected to the internet. Consider 'Hosting' as an open pay-and-display car park, depending on how long you paid for parking, is how long you will be able to have a spot (or in other words, have your website online).


There are various offers with hosting providers and each have their pros and cons. Our recommendation is to go with a UK based provider such as 123-Reg or 1and1. Hosting a website for a small business can start from anywhere from £10+ per month. Again, there are various options as well as considerations to bare in mind.



Can you not take care of all of this?


This is by far the most important part. You must RETAIN OWNERSHIP OF YOUR WEBSITE. If when purchasing a domain/ hosting, yes, we could do that for you however that would mean we become the legally registered owners of your business website. We will have 100% access to YOUR website. For this reason we feel it is our responsibility to make this clear to you. We would rather guide you through the steps and have you retain 100% ownership of your website.


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We provide an all round media solution for businesses. We build them from the ground up providing a marketing arsenal to ultimately driving sales and building a brand that customer's grow to love.

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